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The Alameda County Sheriffs Office needed a rugged mobile computer that could provide reliable access to the department daases in the field while withstanding the daily wear and tear of the job, from out at sea with their marine unit to the bumpy rides of motor patrol. Toughbook to the rescue!

Who says you cant have thin, light and rugged at the same time? Panasonic handheld devices give you rugged tools that operate in the most unforgiving environments.

Get your devices when you need them, not when a spreadsheet says you can have them.

From the high quality of our components and our sophisticated manucturing process to our rigorous RD testing and extended lifecycle support, were heavily invested in sure every Toughbook solution works without il.

Thanks to the fully rugged design of the FZG and Toughbook , deployed to the countys patrol units, officers say their lets have taken drops and bumps and they have never experienced a problem.

Defend your devices with secure, thirdparty software deployments.


Ensure that your Toughbook® computers and lets arrive ready to work.

Panasonic P. provides endtoend global connectivity spanning more than countries.

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You shouldnt have to compromise mobility and performance. Thats why we engineer Toughbook® letsto give you ruggedized tools you can trust to get your work done in Toughbook Territory.

Toughbook computers, lets and handhelds are built for the worlds toughest users those who do extraordinary things in extraordinary places. When conditions become impossible, Toughbook is right there with them.

Lower cost of ownership, bigger return on investment

We have the best warranties available to protect your investment.


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Its here our seamless wireless platform for organizations that need global connectivity to get the job done.

Take advantage of our Centralized Intelligence and Support consulting services.

Learn more about how to Replace, Repair, and Recycle your Toughbook.


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The ultimate rugged design in a flexible in form ctor The Toughbook is a gamechanger that delivers maximum performance whether used as a let or as a laptop with its detachable keyboard. The detachable screen has an infrared camera for Windows Hello support, so you can access your device using fingerprint or cial recognition. Its innovative and makes it easier to handle and ideal for workers viewing business applications with less vertical scrolling and reduced interference of space when used in small spaces such as invehicle. With innovative features including an optional long life battery configuration that delivers up to hours, the Toughbook sets a new benchmark for rugged performance in the field.

Toughbook rides shotgun as Alameda County officers patrol on motorcycles, in cars, and at sea.

Built to keep performing in the toughest work conditions, Toughbook mobile devices are the top choice for your bottom line.

Our National Service Center is committed to providing you excellent service.

Everyday, Toughbook transforms the way people work, wherever their job takes them. Reliability, lower total cost of ownership and always on connectivity are just a few of the reasons the worlds toughest users choose Toughbook.

Laptop repairs and excessive maintenance are hidden costs that can often exceed a companys initial investment as shown in a recent IDC study. Thats why purchasing durable Toughbook devices make smarter financial sense you get lower total cost of ownership over the computers life.


Our quality control begins in the ctory. Panasonic designs, builds and tests its laptops and most components inhouse. By controlling the entire manucturing process, we are able to oversee quality, consistency and parts availability every step of the way, from design through delivery, and during the warranty period that follows.

Let us handle the heavy lifting and logistics surrounding Toughbook installations.

The new Toughbook fully rugged hybrid let with detachable screen is as versatile as your job demands it to be.

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Toughbook devices are designed and tested to withstand the unexpected from bangs, bumps and spills to foot drops and nasty weather.



The rugged, reliable design of Toughbook mobile devices ensures long lasting performance, fewer repair expenses and lower ilure rates than the average computer.

Panasonic has introduced P., a seamless, endtoend connectivity platform purposebuilt for todays mobile workforce. A global network with customized pricing and no roaming fees, the Panasonic P. platform offers the power to create and deliver the global scalability with local connectivity that todays mobile workers demand.

Whether it be excessive heat, cold temperatures or rain, Deputy Sheriff David Cochran notes, In and out of the car it gets introduced to a lot of different things and I have never seen one il.

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Personalize your Toughbook and increase your organizations brand awareness.

Your work is extraordinary, and your devices need to match you step for step. Thats why we build rugged laptops and ins that are trusted by hardworking people in the toughest environments anywhere.ComputTablet PCers Tablets Handhelds

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